Book Release: A Nocturne in Red

REP is pleased to announce the release of "A Nocturne in Red," a novella first published in August 2018 by the Society of Misfit Stories.

The ebook is available at Amazon HERE, and the print version HERE. According to Amazon's Matchbook program, if you purchase the print version, you can download the digital version for free. And the print version is truly lovely.

About the book:

"Nocturne" is the inaugural installment of the adventures of Sanjen of Shar, a musician and mage who never fails to get in over his head. If all goes well, other adventures will follow.


Sanjen Laurelius, a lute-wielding bard, is a rising star. 

He’s also wanted by the emperor. 

When he calls upon his special brand of song-magic to fight off a rampaging harpy, he finds himself the object of unwanted attention: a powerful officer in the emperor’s service hires Sanjen to find the cure for a curse that has transformed a favored concubine into a bloodthirsty monster. 

But Sanjen’s past is catching up with him. Can he find a way to save the victim of the curse before his employer discovers his true identity—and returns him to the emperor in chains?

Book Release: Fury of the Falcon

REP is pleased to announce the release of the fifth and final book of Court Ellyn's Falcons Saga, Fury of the Falcon.

The ebook is available at Amazon, and the print version will follow in about a week.

Blurb (minor spoilers):

The fifth and final volume of the Falcons Saga brings this sweeping fantasy series to its stunning conclusion.

With Kelyn wounded in an attempt to barter for peace and Thorn recovering from his struggle against forces from the abyss, defeat and despair encroach. The human armies are stretched to their limit, and Lothiar’s horde relentlessly presses against their last stronghold.

Amid the carnage, Carah is determined to mend the wounds sundering her family and risks a journey across hundreds of miles of ogre-infested territory. When Lothiar’s schemes pay off and Carah finds herself in the dreaded pit, her brother Kethlyn proposes an all-or-nothing campaign deep behind enemy lines to rescue her. 

As the War Commander and his desperate army prepare to make this final stand, events race toward a destiny no one expects. Either victory or defeat will usher in a new age…