I am so excited to launch my personal indie press, if it can remotely be called that at this point. Undoubtedly, REP is a work-in-progress and an experimental one. I hope, one day, to be able to bring more authors into the fold, but that remains to be determined. So what is Raven Eye Press?


Currently, REP is an itsy-bitsy indie press with a really cool logo that shows up on the work of author Court Ellyn. Whether REP will take on other authors in the future remains to be determined.


Well, since it's just me at present, REP publishes my speculative fiction. I like aliens and fairies and clockwork birds and werewolves.

Is REP accepting work by other authors?

No. Please do not send me anything to read, to edit, or to publish. I will delete it unread. Come to think of it, we don't even have a Contact Us page yet. So there you go.


Ravens are brilliant birds, and they like shiny things. So do I. Shiny words, shiny prose, shiny ideas, shiny art, shining craft. More, my username at LegendFire Critique Community happens to be Raveneye, so it seemed a fitting choice.

* * * * *


Please do not send me material to review. I am not a prolific nor a fast reader; therefore, I cannot promise a decent turn-around time. The books, novellas, and short stories I review will be chosen due to my personal interests. I am not paid to review anyone's work, and my standards are very high. Each review will receive a rating of one to five "magic wands," and I will do my best to contact independent or beginning authors to inform them that a review of their work has been posted on my blog or here at REP. My opinion is mine alone. Arguments and flaming will not be permitted.

(all of the above information is posted on REP's About page and will remain visible there)

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